A Serviced Apartment with character? How to transform a serviced apartment into art.

"People love beautiful design and rooms with character"

- says Margaret Brozda, a specialist of SA and co-founder of a well-known company offering  apartments for rent  Amber Serviced Apartments   www.amber-apartments.co.uk

Renting a serviced apartment for a holiday or a business trip is not just about renting a normal place to sleep. Such an apartment can be a very interesting/attractive place to stay and can really affect the well-being of its guests. In the beautiful and harmonious interior, the guests will be able to rest, sleep well and function optimally.

Wood has been around people for generations and therefore, it represents a natural human environment. In its company we naturally rest and relax.

Designers and managers from Amber Serviced Apartments know this and are therefore increasingly introducing wooden elements in their guest rooms.

"We plan to embellish our apartments with wooden elements. We want to meet the trend of returning to nature. "

We have been seeing modern materials and solutions appearing in interior design and architecture for some time now. Nevertheless, wooden elements build timeless elegance, create a homely and cozy atmosphere, which is something that companies from the SA industry value so much.

Let us also mention that modern technologies in combination with the classic ones, such wooden elements open completely unknown possibilities in interior design.

The owners of Amber Serviced Apartments know the needs and tastes of their clients very well. They have been running Serviced Apartments in Doncaster and Nottingham for many years and operate in many other cities in the UK.

"Guests appreciate the excellent service they receive and emphasize how well they felt in our apartments. We strive to make them feel like at home."

Being away from home and familiar surroundings, as happens on business trips, can be difficult and stressful for some people. These feelings become stronger the longer people have to separate themselves from their homes, families and their daily routines.

Specialists of SA ensure they live up to customer expectations and unlike hotels, they create a real home-like atmosphere to make either long or short stay, one of the best experiences.

Instinct tells us that in an environment of wooden elements we feel more natural, calm and in a greater harmony with nature. The main thing is that more and more leading companies in the SA industry start to notice it, and Amber Serviced Apartments is a great example of it.